Muhlenbergia asperifolia – Alkali muhly, Alkali sacaton, Scratchgrass


Alkali sacaton is a native perennial large bunchgrass ranging in height from 50 to 150 cm (20-60 inches).  Alkali sacaton is found in the western half of the United States. It grows in both saline and nonsaline coarse, medium, and fine textured soils. This grass is tolerant of salinity and a broad range of pH. After establishment, alkali sacaton is tolerant of drought and water inundation. However, it is intolerant of shade and is found growing in open areas…Alkali sacaton is frequently utilized for seeding and stabilizing disturbed areas. Due to its salt tolerance, it is recommended for seeding saline sites…

Muhlenbergia asperifolia – Alkali muhly, Alkali sacaton, Scratchgrass, bunchgrass, finetop saltgrass

NRCS Plant Profile


S – Small Plug, 5.2″ deep (60 ml)
M – Medium Plug, 6″ deep (130 ml)