Rosa woodsii – Woods rose, Interior rose, Mountain rose, Fendler rose, Tehachapi rose


Woods rose are native subshrubs or shrubs growing 0.2-2(-3) m high, rhizomatous, with shallow, frequently branching fibrous roots, sometimes forming nearly impenetrable thickets; stems reddish-brown to gray, with straight or slightly curved prickles…The rhizome system makes Woods rose effective in erosion control, and the species has been used to revegetate disturbed sites along road cuts, streambanks, and seeps…Woods rose is commonly a dominant species on riparian and wetland sites, but it is adapted to a broad range of moisture conditions. It is common in various regions as a pioneer on disturbed sites, especially along roadsides and south-facing cutbanks.

Rosa woodsii – Woods rose, interior rose, mountain rose, Fendler rose, Tehachapi rose

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L – Large Plug, 9″ deep (520 ml)
XL – Deep Tru Qt, 4x4x9.5″ (1540 ml)