Scirpus (Schoenoplectus) acutus – Hardstem rush, Tule rush


Hardstem bulrush is a perennial, rhizomatous, wetland obligate species that reaches up to 3 m (10 ft) in height and forms very dense stands…Hardstem bulrush’s dense root mass makes this species an excellent choice for soil stabilization. Its above ground biomass provides protection from erosive wave action and stream currents that erode shorelines or stream banks. The rhizomatous root system also forms a matrix for many beneficial bacteria, making this plant an excellent choice for wastewater treatment(Hurd et al., 1994)…
Scirpus (Schoenoplectus) acutus – Hardstem rush, Tule rush

NRCS plant fact sheet


M – Medium Plug, 6″ deep (130 ml)
L – Large Plug, 9″ deep (520 ml)
Br – Bareroot